How to care motor chroome

21 Apr

Chrome can indeed make the motor more attention. But careless treatment or handling of chromium can lead to fatal. There are several things that can damage the chrome, diantarany wind / sea water, rain water and battery acid. These materials have a high acid content so that it can easily destroy the chrome. Here are some things you can do to keep the chrome luster last long:

Vigilant in the rainy season
Extra care is required during the rainy season. Because rain water has a high acid content and easy enough to leave spots or stains if not cleaned. If exposed to rain, immediately wash with car shampoo or hair shampoo, then rinse with clean water. Not recommended to use soap detergent or a dab of soap because it has a fairly high acid content.
Cheap media restore luster chrome

There are many cheap media that can be used as a polishing chrome. Among them could use white wood poured into a clean cloth to rub the surface to the dirty chrome and allowed to evaporate. Once dry, do wiping with a clean cloth.
Can also with non white toothpaste gel. Prepare a soft cotton cloth and clean, then apply toothpaste directly to the surface of the lap and do the cleaning surface to chrome.
Btiran-micron grain in toothpaste will automatically clean up dirt and smooths the surface of the chrome is dull. Take a few moments, then rub with a clean cloth.
Can also with baby powder or flour, usually used as a substitute for magnesium powder. Sprinkle powder evenly to the entire layer of chrome. Then do the wiping using a soft cloth.

Chrome Polisher
They cost around 60-150 thousand per bottle. Its use is simple enough that with the help of abrasive media used paper. Pour polisher to waste paper, rub it evenly on the chrome layer. Set aside some time to dry, continue cleaning with a clean cloth.

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